Vigor High Class of 1960
Vigor High Class of 1960
The Binding Tree
poem by Guy C. Diehl, III
 Dedicated to the 1960 class of Vigor High

Having lived among you, there,
For many hundred years,
The proudest days I number,
Weren’t spent among my peers.

While many of my fellows,
Graced lawns and avenues,
I’d rather be remembered,
For the time I spent with you.

All my cherished mem’ries,
Are centered ’round the time,
While living as a symbol,
For the “teens” of Vigor High.

I represented virtues,
The strengths of legend-kind,
I was your oak heraldic,
Most honored throughout time.

My duty was to tend you,
To serve as anchor post,
“Instill into my humans,
The virtues of an oak.”

My strength-of-heart and valor,
I’ve granted to you all,
I’ve shown you how to persevere,
When all seems set to fall.

My crown of sturdy branches,
Grown slowly, without haste,
Showed to my youthful charges,
That time engenders grace.

My spirit shall continue,
For those that harkened near,
We’ll ‘ever be a family,
From Vigor’s finest years.

But though my time has ended,
And I’m no longer there,
We have a common tying,
Through friends we all have shared.

We’ll always be together,
Down through eternity,
I’m Vigor’s spirit chalice,
I am The Binding Tree.

© Guy C. Diehl, III

Reproduced here with permission.